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Local Search SEO Experts in Aloha, Oregon

Aloha is the location of the Local Search & SEO Experts. We can help your business by bringing qualified leads to your website. You don't have to live in Aloha or even in Oregon, to have the Local Search & SEO Experts analyze your present website, make recommendations, and help with search engine optimization (SEO) to bring more customers to your business. We do most of our work and reporting online. It is easy for you to send an e-mail or give us a call to answer any questions.

Where, exactly, is Aloha, Oregon?

Aloha is an unincorporated community on the southern edge of Beaverton, Oregon. It is about 11 miles west of Portland, Oregon. Interestingly, the name is pronounced "a-lo-wa" and perhaps may have been originally intended to be spelled Aloah, after a Wisconsin resort (Wikipedia). The name evidently has nothing to do with the Hawaiian greeting. But you'll be greeting more new customers when you put the Local Search & SEO Experts in Aloha to work for you!

What we do for you

First, we analyze your current website to make sure that search engines can find and index your site. We look for any technical errors, broken links, or impediments that might block the search engines. We'll look at your site in the light of the latest search engine requirements to make sure your website isn't violating the continuously changing rules, guidelines, and best-practices that might cause the search engines to devalue or even penalize your business website in the search engine rankings. We even do a link profile analysis of other websites pointing to yours.

Likewise, we look at your pages' load times and layout to make sure that customers can easily access and navigate your website to find what they are looking for. We'll look at your content for clarity, spelling, and syntax, and recommend changes.

In order for potential customers to find your business online, your website must be optimized for the keywords that your customers use to look for your products or services. So we will research your business and determine how your customers are finding you now, and then look for keyword opportunities to bring more search traffic.

In order for local customers to more readily find your website, we will make sure your business appears in the important local search directories and other appropriate online listings and review sites.

We will build off-site landing pages for your customers' buying keywords. These SEO-friendly pages will pre-sell your product or service and send visitors directly to the exact page they're looking for on your site! These additional web properties are designed to rank on page one of the search engines. By doing so, they push your competitors off page one where your customers won't find them!

We will track and report the search engine position of your keywords and of the search traffic volume to your website. You'll know exactly how many visitors are coming to your website and what pages they are visiting. The goal is to bring qualified leads to your website and increase your sales!

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